Building an outdoor fireplace or fire pit patio requires careful planning and integration with the landscape. This is imperative. Architecturally, the stone and materials selected should tie into the existing features of the home. Further, a well-designed fireplace or fire pit patio will flow as an extension of the house.

Amazoon Tile only uses the best available materials the market has to offer and hand selects every pallet of material prior to delivery. Using fire brick and hand crafted shaped stones are just a few of the methods used by our expert masons. Our design process and attention to detail make us one of the most sought after companies in the Metro west area.

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Since 1995, Amazoon Tile has endeavored to provide the consumer with quality bathtub and ceramic tile refinishing. Our tub and tile experts are refinishing specialists and provide professional service. We use the finest materials available to refinish your bathtub and tile. When properly cared for, your newly refinished bathtub or tile can be expected to shine for years to come.


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